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Revised I-9 Form is Available for Immediate Use

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has issued a revised Form I-9 and Employer Handbook: Instructions for Completing the Form I-9.  The revised Form I-9 is available for immediate use.  The most significant change to the form is the elimination of five documents from List A of the List of Acceptable Documents.  The revised form and Handbook also contain information on electronically signing and retaining I-9 forms.

Although the new form is available for immediate use, the form does not become effective until notice is posted in the Federal Registrar.  However, employers are encouraged to begin using the new Form I-9 as soon as possible.  After the effective date, employers may incur fines and penalties for failing to use the new Form I-9.

Employers are only required to use the revised Form I-9 for new hires and for I-9 re-certifications that occur after the effective date.

Here for your ease of reference are links to the new Form I-9; the Employer Handbook; and the USCIS Fact Sheet re Revised I-9 Form.