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Stacy Holds Ex-Sales Manager Accountable for Violating Employee Non Solicitation Restriction

(Primus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. v. Raymond Dugan Prater, CV2012-001143, Maricopa County Superior Court)

Stacy brought a lawsuit on behalf of Primus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. against a former Primus sales manager who improperly solicited several Primus sales representatives to work for him at his new employer in violation of an employee non-solicitation provision contained in the sales manager's restrictive covenant agreement.  After defeating a motion to dismiss, the case settled in exchange for a payment to Primus of $200,000 and an extension of the employee non-solicitation provision, among other concessions.   A copy of the First Amended Complaint filed in the case and the order of dismissal setting forth the material settlement terms is attached.

Primus – First Amended Complaint FILED

Prater – Order of Dismissal